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The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE). English is the medium of instruction.

Pukie-pie is a pre-school educational approach based on playing, singing, outing practical activities such as drawing and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.There are so many wonderful things for your child to look forward to in Pukie-pie. The main focus is on building language skills, (listening, speaking, reading, writing) social, motor and kinesthetic skills. In a free and stimulating environment, children’s intellectual, physical, cultural, artistic and communication skills develop and flourish. At pukie-pie, we provide a learning environment which emphasises on the overall grooming of the child.

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Primary section is typically the first stage of formal education coming after pre-school and before secondary education, where we assist a child on many levels. Students are taught to think critically, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancement and to develop basic values. In order to achieve the goals, our school provides orderly and safe environment, where supervised learning takes place

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The Senior School comprises of classes IX to XII. Students are prepared for their entry in to the world of higher education and future career prospects.

Senior School students are encouraged to cope with the rigours of high level study in their chosen subject areas and to involve themselves in activities which help them to develop their own creativity. Sporting and action oriented skills and their sense of respect for the community is also focused upon. Here they learn that they can truly make a difference.

  • To Develop creativity and physical ability.
  • To bring a sense of respect towards the development of the community, their country and the world.
  • To develop in them understanding and respect for other cultures, castes, classes and religions.
  • To prepare all students for university and the life beyond.

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