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  • Learn and play areas of Pukie Pie not only provide well equipped spaces which offers a maximum challenge to body and mind but ensure their optimum utilization with separate spaces for dance, storytelling, dramatic, play areas are swimming area, Indoor recreation centre, sand play area, computer area, aquarium, splash pool and lawn for outdoor play.
  • Creative Play is food and drink to a child. At MPEC Pukie Pie, learning is initiated and accomplished by the principles of “learning by doing “ and “ learning through Play”.
  • A generally stimulating environment based on listening, discussion and questioning helps children reach their optimum potential.
  • An eclectic Curriculum is followed at MPEC Pukie Pie which is wholly compatible with the present-day system. It is flexible and adaptable.
  • In our efforts to make learning practical and enjoyable. Not only live demonstrations are given like mulching of cow, pot making etc. but baker, cobbler, postman etc. are also invited to the school for live demonstration of their work.
  • Indian culture and traditions are kept alive by celebrating festivals with Great Spirit of love & respect for one another.
  • We believe “Healthy body has a healthy mind” Pukie Pie organizes regular parties to make the children environment friendly and to inculcate healthy eating habits. Children enjoy – Pool party, Water melon Party, various seasonal fruits party, Ice-cream party, Milk party, Candy party and many more.