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English Lab

(English Lab)

English laboratory an aid to the learners, helps them to enhance their knowledge by listening to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to the performance and compare the same with the model and do self-assessment. Its main aim is to allow participants their privacy to speak and listen. Keeping these things in view, our English Lab is having audio and videocassettes, CDs from organizations like BBC, WORD ENGLISH. Learners can participate by listening to the master tape and interact the instructor. It has been proposed to undertake CALL (Computer Assisted Language learning) and WALL (Web Assisted Language learning) and facilities for learning any foreign language for students and faculty at large.

Physics Lab

Physics is a branch of science that consists of studying nature, broadly speaking, study of the basic law of nature. The scope of physics is very wide. We find enormous ranges of length, mass and time in physical processes. Physics is the basis of all sciences and has played a key role in the development of other sciences such as Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Mathematics etc.

Physics Lab (World of Mechanism)

Physics is an experimental science and the history of science reveals the fact that most of the notable discoveries in science have been made in laboratory. Seeing experiment being performed i.e. demonstration, enhances the ability of the individual experiments are important for understanding the principle of science. A chief aim of experimentation in science is to discover the law which governs a certain phenomena or to verify a given law which has been derived from a theory, keeping this in view, we have a PHYSICS LAB of area 5225 m2

Scientific method involves the following steps:-

  • Observation
  • Experimentation
  • Formulation of hypothesis
  • Verification
  • Prediction
  • New experiment
  • Modification

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is the science of molecules and their transformation. It is the science not so much of the one hundred elements but of the infinite variety of molecules that may be built from them…… (“Ronald Hoffmann”)

Chemistry deals with the composition, structure & properties of matter, especially, with the basic constituents of matter atoms & molecules. That is why Chemistry is called “THE SCIENCE OF ATOMS AND MOLECULES”. Chemistry plays a central role in science and is often intertwined with other branches of science like Physics, Biology and Geology etc.

Chemistry also plays an important role in daily life. Such as in meeting human needs for food, health care products and other materials aimed at improving the quality of life.

Chemistry Lab (Science of Experiments)

But Chemistry is not just about theory and facts. It is a subject which should not be restricted to only books. So, it is very important to relate it with the changes and transformations taking place around us & observe these changes as well. Thus, Chemistry is a “SCIENCE OF EXPERIMENTS”. Experiments are a very essential requirement for the better understanding of this subject. They help us to know better about it by “ DO AND BELIEVE” process.

For this very purpose, our school M.P.E.C has a well – equipped, High-Tech chemistry lab. For the sake of observing & understanding various reactions, which ultimately lead to the formation of matter around us, our lab has a wide range of acids, bases, amphoteric substances, various solutions and compounds etc.

To carry out things practically, the students conduct basic techniques like sterilization, preparation of buffers and media, determination of pH, separation of proteins by chromatography and various other experiments under the proper guidance of our chemistry teachers.

In order to know about the contributions of various scientists in development of our modern periodic table, our lab also displays periodic tables of scientists like Newton, Dmitri ivanonich Mendeleev and Henry Mosley.

Students can carry out their advance study of chemistry with the help of this chemistry lab. Thus, in every way our chemistry lab reflects the modern as well as alchemist age of chemistry and helps in enriching the knowledge of students and their interest in such a wonderful branch of science.

(Department of Chemistry)

Biology Lab

The growth of Biology as a natural science during the last thousand years is interesting from many points of view. The subject finds its practical applicability in daily life.

Our school has a well equipped Biology lab to aid instruction and stimulate greater interest in science courses. It emphasizes on the fact that Science is “ learning by doing”. It helps the students to interact with their surrounding by doing experiments, documenting their methods, recording observations and drawing conclusions, from the work done.

Biology Lab (Biology is the study of life in its entirety.)

Our aim is not to stuff minds of pupils with mere facts of Science but to develop in them the application, ability, skill s of experimentation, construction, inculcating scientific attitudes, interest, appreciation etc.

One of the important functions of biology lab is the deepening of student’s understanding of concepts and their application.

The curiosity of students about living world is satisfied by learning through various biological experiments. By doing so they learn to cooperate, take initiative and become self reliant which is the ultimate goal of learning.

(Biology Department)

Computer Lab

New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching, learning and the way education is managed. Information technology is creating a major impact on school curriculum making it crucial for the students to refresh their IT skills on a regular basis.

Students today need to be a acquainted with Information Technology; hence it becomes imperative for them to access the same in there daily course.

The school’s laboratories are equipped with the latest state –of-the – art hardware & a large repository of software. The hardware includes a number of servers, peripherals, more than 60 stand alone & networked personal computers. In additional to all usual programming and application development software packages like database package, graphics packages etc for routine computer programming lab, a large specialized software repository is present in the laboratory like C++, Java, Oracle 9i etc.

(Computer Lab)

We promote a flexible, innovative system of professional education by using advanced technology suiting to the needs of the target learners with a view to promote technology mediated learning. Keeping this in mind, we have included 20 LCD’s and 25 NOTE BOOK computers in our computer lab.

We provide high quality of support services with multimedia multi channel delivery modes of instruction leading to the utmost satisfaction of the learners. Hence we have LCD projector and OHP to give the children a full of practical work in the classroom.

Computer technology is growing so fast that everyone has to keep learning newer and newer technologies to keep abreast of times; hence we train our children to work on different packages in their Saturday activities and summer camps.

We have committed to avail the support of technologically enhanced teaching, learning opportunities and using multi channel delivery modes of learning. We create a climate of high expectations for the success of our students.

(Department of Computer)

Sports Room

Physical fitness is more than the possession of strength of endurance. As a matter of fact, physical fitness is possessed by the individual, who remain enthusiast, works cheerfully and does the emergency work with vigor. Physical Fitness implies a relation between the tasks to be performed and individual’s capability to perform it.

A physically fit individual should possess sufficient reserve of energy to meet the demands of emergencies in ehich a person is unexpectedly called upon to perform activities demanding unusual expenditure of strength, energy and adaptive ability under unfavorable environment. The physical education programmes can make a significant contribution towards wellness in many ways and can provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to exercise properly.

(Sports Room)

Here is a glimpse of different competitions that reveals the active participation of our students.

  • The year started with Inter School Kho – Kho tournament held at “Purna Chandra Vidya Niketan”, where our players tried hard and secured 8th position out of 15 teams.
  • In the month of august the school participated in an inter – School Football Tournament held at “Purna Chandra Vidya Niketan School”, our team successfully made up to quarter final.
  • In the month of Oct. school participated in an Inter- School Cricket Tournament, held at Chitra School, where our school secured IIIrd position out of 16 teams.
  • In the same month a tour to Son Bhadra Shaktinagar was taken to participate in CBSE Cluster Table Tennis Competition, where our school tried hard and secured 8 position out of 32 teams.
  • In the month of Nov., school participated in an invitation of Cricket Tournament with “The International Public School”, held at Palika Stadium, where our school players bagged Ist position.
  • In the month of Dec., School participated in an invitation of Cricket Tournament with “ The International Public School” held at Green Park Stadium, where our players secured Ist Position.
  • In the month of Dec., Inter-House Cricket tournament was held.
  • In the same month, inter – house pool Tournament was held and the winner was Kartavya House.
  • In the month of Jan., Sports day(P.T., March past, Pyramid, Junior Races, Senior Volleyball) was held.
  • In the month of Feb., Inter-house Carom Tournament was held.

The overall performance of our students in various Games and Sports was commendable and we look forward to make our performance better in the coming year.

(Department of Sports)

Music Room

Music is the diet of soul. It brings smile on our faces. Any one who loves music cannot be sad anytime as music heals the soul. It smoothens our heart with its sweet sound. In our melody chamber we create an atmosphere of rhythm and beats for the family of MPEC.

This year too history repeated itself with a lot of special moments of celebrations and awards. Very first just to have a focus on communication and public speaking. We had a Shlok enchanting competition on 6th May. Students of middle classes came up with a zeal and the 1st position was secured by Nishta House followed by Dharma and Kartya House respectively.

Summer camp was held in the month of May to polish the oratory skills and overall development of a children. It ended with a thunderous applause where all enjoyed with team spirit and rank echo.

Music Room (Melody Chamber)

On 25th July we had our regular talent hunt programme “Koo-Zoo” where new students came up with their hidden talent in a competitive way. It passed with a great enthusiasm where we got a number of budding vocalists and instrument players.

Our students bagged prizes at various music competitions held in the city. The first event was orgainsed by “Bharat Vikas Parishad” where we stood 2nd in Patriotic song category, 4th in both Folk and Sanskrit category.

Shri Krishna Janmasthami was celebrated in our pukipie section. It was just like some real angels dancing in the dresses of Radha and Krishna. In succession the festival of Navratri was celebrated with great enthusiasm in students as well as in teachers.

The unique feature of MPEC is the creative and innovative representation of every single progarmme. “Explora 2009” was just an example of representation of the practical presentation of our skill and excellence in the form of exhibition of art and science. Here we started the day with a prayer and welcome song. The hard work of students had come up with the help of teachers in their projects.

So, this year ended with a happy note and a sweet smile on our faces. The coming year will be one more step ahead in the sky of achievements for us.

(Music Teacher)


Library “ Books are not paper, ink, or cloth, they are persons. For the most part, they are a company of the immortals who have weathered the centuries and are now marching towards eternity. They told me of their adventures, their romances, their meditations and their exploration of the inner world. They lifted my horizons. They made me laugh and cry and rejoice living in the same world. They invite you too.”

Library (The hub of knowledge)

Library is the backbone of any school. It provides a guideline to the students & maintain a supporting & nurturing environment in building the knowledge back of students. Our library is constantly acquiring new titles to stay up-to-date with the latest in the world & also subscribes to various periodicals, journals & News papers. Our library contains almost 6,000 books, CD-Roms, Audio & Video cassettes for better understanding, charts & Geographical models. The reference collection includes directories, encyclopaedias, hand books, question banks & manuals. Link on the internet with other foremost libraries is another facility enabling immediate access to information. Our collection focuses on all the fields such as Academic field, Sports, Story books & extra – curricular activities, school management, organization Behavioral Science, Maths, Social Science, Human Resource Management, Accountancy, Economics, Computers, Philosophy, Psychology. Religion etc. All these books are procured & Shelved Separately according to their categories. It facilitates our teachers in their research programmer to enhace their different teaching techniques.

We have also introduced library ID card for students & staff members. It is the best medium to satisfy the urge to learn and enhance the academic potential & talents of our students. We organize an orientation so, we can say that Library is the hub of all activities.


“There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words”.

Dance is a type of art that generally movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as form of an emotional expression, social interaction or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and is sometime used to express ideas or tell a story. Dance may also be regarded as a form of non-verbal communication between humans or other animals.


There are many styles fo dance. Dance can be participatory, social or performed for an audience. It can also be ceremonial, competitive or erotic.

“Dancers are Athletes of God”.

There was some scintillating performance done by our dance enthusiasts.

  • The celebration of Mother’s day, our Pukie-Pie children showed their talent on 8th of may.
  • On 19th of May, our students performed on group song in summer camp.
  • Koozoo was organized in our school on 28th of july in which all newly students from Pukie-Pie to intermediate have honed-up their dancing skills.
  • On 9th of November, Diwali Mela was held in our school where students mesmerize the gathering by their opulent performances.
  • On 22nd of November our students gave their sparking performance in DPS contemporary dance competition. As the best for your knowledge, contemporary is not associated with specific dance techniques, but rather with a dance philosophy. In it, people attempt to explore the natural energy and emotions of their bodies to produce dance that are often very personal.