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“Children must be taught how to think and not what to think”. (Magnet Mead)

A school has great responsibilities and expectations regarding shaping children into good citizens.

MPEC, Keshavpuram takes this responsibility as a primary objective with utmost sincerity, and provides a flexible structure to its students – a kind of scaffolding within which they grow, learn and evolve. The learning environment is unique, where children are regularly monitored, and evolve in a systematic and scientific manner towards fulfilling their potentials. The curriculum prepared by own teachers has a flexible structure, and incorporates a wide variety of techniques (experience, reflection, conceptualization) to reinforce the concepts to ensure the students have a ‘holistic’ perception in a stimulating learning environment.

What makes MPEC different in its heart? Our conviction is that we must prepare every child to be the best that she or her can be. Academic success is a vital ingredient for success in life but so are critical thinking problem solving, being socially active and taking responsibility for improving our world.

Thus, our students are challenged to develop new skills, and assisted if they need additional support, Small classes, passionate and dedicated teachers nurture each individual, to create a vibrant, happy environment, full of confidence, lively young people who love coming to school every day.